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Video "Unraveling the mysteries of Reality

Harmonic Resonance and Prosperity

and Paradigm

Quantum Mechanics

- Everything is particle and everything is wave at the same time;

- The simple fact of accepting that the wave exists, that everything can be treated as chemistry or physics, as particle or as wave, it does a fundamental diference;

- Everything must be a atomic substance;

- It is in the root of all concept that the humanity has of reality now.

- Quantum Vacuum

Cell, Molecule, Atom, Quarks, Strings, Super strings; Higgs' Boson;

- The Quantum Vacuum is an ocean of potential and endless energy. Pure wave doesn’t have bulk.

- Bulk is a wave that is vibrating lower, less, that is capable of manipulation.

- The vibration of the quantum vacuum is extremely high, in him it is impossible to have an interaction, in him is one thing;

- Higgs' Boson is the first thing that has bulk in the universe.

- The bulk is the information system, pure organization.

- In the quantic world there isn’t any diference, we are just one thing, a single vibration.

- Atomic reality, everything works as a wave.

Infinite Possibility, while not observed everything is possible.

Higgs' Boson

- The first time that the bulk comes up in the universe.

Release (Zeno Effect)

- Think what you want, visualize what you want and release, to be able to come, while you stay focused on the outcome, what you want does not come.


- Everything that we send, comes back.

- To change the wave that is emitting, this wave must come back. You attract everything you emanate;

"Everything can be explained through quantum mechanics;

- Everything is manifestation, you think, you create;

"The substance of all that exists is pure consciousness.

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